Born in Baghdad, Iraq, my family and I moved to the United States at the age of 12, as we escaped the wars and instability of the Middle East. We settled in the beautiful city of Chicago, the Midwest, the heart of these United States!

Initially, the transition to the United States was not easy. With a new culture to embrace, a new language to learn, and new life to lead, they were challenging times. Especially for my parents who had to raise four children under these new circumstances. They sacrificed a lot in order to allow their children to lead a good and safe life. I will always be in debt to my parents for all they have done for me and my siblings. Forever grateful to have them as my parents!

Growing up, I enjoyed photography, still do! Those who know me refer to me as the unofficial family photographer. My skills require much work, but I enjoy capturing the moment more than creating the perfect picture. Among many other things, I enjoy sports, traveling, meeting people, and volunteering.

Being a quiet child, I was always more of a listener than a talker or a writer. What I feel is often difficult for me to describe. For some, writing flows naturally, they write with no barriers. I always wanted to write, to express all that I have seen, felt, and experienced as a child. I have endless stories of what life was like during wars and instability. Sadly, that is the story of many throughout the world now.

For now, I will write about my current experiences. The next coming months will be challenging for me as I embark on a new journey. I am blessed to have found the one to share my life with. Simon, my fiancé, currently lives in Germany. So, guess what? I will be moving again! A second major move, a third new continent to experience, and an exciting new world to discover.

I look forward to sharing my transition with you all. I am thrilled to have you follow my journey, and maybe I can hear from you about your experiences as well!

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